Posted on 12 May 2022

Top Tip Thursday: Use these keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently on Microsoft Teams

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Many people find using shortcuts, especially on an external keyboard, makes navigating Teams much quicker than scrolling and clicking on buttons and actions.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be beneficial for individuals with mobility or vision impairment as they can be easier to use compared to using a touchscreen or mouse. Below are some useful shortcuts to know to help you work more efficiently.


  1. Start new chat – Ctrl + N
  2. Open Settings – Ctrl + , (comma)
  3. Zoom out/in – Ctrl + -/= (minus/equals)


  1. Open compose box – Alt + Shift + C
  2. Expand compose box – Ctrl + Shift + X
  3. Attach file – Ctrl + O
  4. Send in an expanded compose box – Ctrl + Enter

Meetings, Calls and Calendar

  1. Accept video call – Ctrl + Shift + A
  2. Accept audio call – Ctrl + Shift + S
  3. Decline call – Ctrl + Shift + D
  4. Start screen share session – Ctrl + Shift + E
  5. Admit people from lobby notification – Ctrl + Shift + Y

To show a full list of all the keyboard shortcuts available, you can press Ctrl + . (period). You can also view a list of shortcuts on all Microsoft platforms by clicking the ‘See all shortcuts for all platforms’ at the bottom of the pop-up box.

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