Posted on 18 March 2021

Top Tip Thursday: Microsoft Outlook on the web file view

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Outlook on the web makes it simple to keep your email, calendar, and contacts right at your fingertips and accessible on any device, but without the search bar Outlook desktop users are used to seeing, searching through emails and attachments may seem a time-consuming and annoying task.

Whilst the well-known ribbon isn’t available on Outlook online, there is still a simple way to find attachments by clicking the arrow in the “search” window and ticking the “Attachments” box.

However, Microsoft have also gone one step further with File View (for Office 365 subscribers) – an easy to use, quick and user friendly way to view and manage your attachments, in a way that is definitely more refined than just looking through search results.

For Office 365 users, you can access this  by simply clicking the attachments icon in the bottom left of Outlook online.

All your attachments and files will be displayed in a list format, which can be changed to a tile view by toggling the “View” option at the top right of Outlook online. Your attachments and files will be displayed alongside details including:

  • • File type
  • • Subject/sender
  • • Date

Pictures are not included in the default file view. To view image files, select the “Photos” option in the left sidebar to display your image file attachments.

For more information on how to use file view online or anything else Outlook related, drop us a message at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!