Posted on 05 July 2022

The latest Microsoft Teams updates: June 2022

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Welcome to the June edition of our Microsoft Teams new features and updates round up

With COVID infection rates on the rise again, it is important for meetings and communication within businesses to be as collaborative and connected as possible. With easier options to sign documents with Teams, improved notification displays during meetings, and more enriched language features, this month’s updates will enhance remote teamwork between colleagues.

Edit Adobe Acrobat PDF files in Teams

Team users now have the ability to open and edit PDF files without leaving the Teams app. This means no more opening additional windows to sign or make changes to documents, allowing you to keep a constant workflow. This feature can be enabled by IT administrators in the Teams admin centre by setting Adobe as a default.

Request and approve DocuSign e-signature in Teams chat

A brand-new feature to Teams, the compose extension within chats and channels lets users create DocuSign e-signature requests within the app. Once someone opens the request, updates will be shown in the chat or channel allowing for faster responses to changes.

Improved usability to meeting notifications for Android

Android users will see a notification drawer at the top of their screen when they receive messages and updates whilst in a meeting. You can preview, collapse, or use the Clear All button to remove all notifications, reducing distractions on your mobile device during meetings.

Chat bubble for meetings on iOS and Android

Messages within meetings now appear on screen, previewing the two most recent messages sent and removing the need to manually open the chat window to see what participants have to say. This feature needs to be enabled. Once enabled, you can turn it off temporarily using the snooze icon and permanently by selecting ‘Don’t show chat bubbles’ under More Actions (…).

Co-organiser Meeting Role

Organisers can assign co-organiser roles to up to 10 attendees, sharing control during meetings. With most of the same abilities as the organiser, the only actions co-organisers are unable to do are: manage meeting recordings, create and manage breakout rooms, and view or download attendance reports.

Meeting invites in multiple languages

Administrators now have the ability to send meeting invites in up to two different languages using the new multi-language Teams meeting invite control. This feature enables users to receive invitations in the languages they are most comfortable and fluent in, promoting inclusivity in your workplace.

Additional languages for live captions and transcriptions for Team meetings on web

Six additional languages have been added to live captions and transcriptions in Teams:

  1. Czech
  2. Hebrew
  3. Portuguese
  4. Thai
  5. Turkish
  6. Vietnamese

Web users now have access to real-time captioning and transcription for 27 languages. To enable this feature, select ‘Turn on live captions’ and/or ‘Start transcription’ under More Actions (…).

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