Is Your Data Being Stored Safely?

Flexible and secure Cloud storage options for your business

The need for cloud computing is getting stronger every day so in a world where working from anywhere is no longer a luxury, but a requirement, make sure your employees are storing and sharing data in a secure way.

Employees need the flexibility to access data on any device and at any time, but with the increase in use of online file sharing solutions and platforms – are you sure of where your confidential company data is being stored?

Secure Cloud Storage means you can take back control by providing employees with a solution for storing and sharing data – but in a safe and confidential environment.

Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage:

  •  Regain control – Cloud storage includes logs of use and it means your data will be safe and not in the public domain
  • Integration with most applications including Microsoft Office so it’s easy to use
  • Personal backup – employees can sync files to the cloud personally