Be Prepared for the Unexpected.

A fail safe solution for those who need a solid backup plan.

If a disaster, operational crisis or data corruption was to occur – how quickly do you think your business would be able to recover?

We all know that businesses rely on data and critical files, so the ability to have immediate access to these in the case of a data loss or failure is critical.

You’re in safe hands with the Infuse cloud. Our flexible Cloud solution means you can choose what you want backed up and how often, so if the unthinkable was to occur – your business can pick up where you left off and continue.

Benefits of Cloud Backup include:

  •  The Infuse Cloud is secure and private – critical when all of your data is being stored there!
  • No up-front expenditure
  • Restore available from any location, not just your office
  • Flexible so you can decide whether you want your whole computer system backed up or specific files/applications
  • Archives – comply with requirements to keep data for a set period of time