Office 365 Sharepoint Backup.

Protect your cloud.

Infuse have partnered with a best in class cloud backup provider for SharePoint Online.

Infuse have partnered with SkyKick to offer our customers best in class backup for SharePoint Online and Office 365.

With SharePoint Online there are essentially 4 Different ways we can recover data.

  • Using the Recycle bins and version control

  • Third party tools that can back up your Data

  • Make a service request in your portal

  • Make a manual backup of your Sites or Document library


Avoid the Cost and Stress of Data Loss

Your employees and their productivity are one of your most valuable resources. That’s why you invested in Office 365. But what happens when the content your employees create is lost? With Infuse Sharepoint Backup Service you can instantly find and rapidly restore that lost content, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens your productivity is protected.

Data loss happens, even in the cloud!

Office 365 and the Cloud do not prevent data loss due to human action. 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content accidentally or intentionally.

Exchange Online

Deleted items in Office 365 will be permanently removed after 14 days. Expanded Office 365 licenses and features offer unlimited retention, but don’t provide a fast, easy way to restore content exactly as it was and where it was so your employees can get back on track quickly.

How long can you afford to be without lost data? It can take IT support 6 hours to recover a single file without a backup solution. Infuse SharePoint Backup Service can restore a lost file in minutes.

SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Items in the recycle bin are retained for 186 days, but SharePoint admins can permanently delete content on their sites and end users can permanently delete content in their OneDrive for Business Accounts, making the data immediately unrecoverable.

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