Work from anywhere.
Even the office.

Working from anywhere and on any device is now a real requirement for most businesses.

Whether you are at home, on holiday or travelling between meetings, having the flexibility to work remotely is no longer a benefit or a nice to have. It is a must have.

As we all spend more and more time moving from one device to another the ability to have a seamless user experience with constant access to your company information has become harder to manage. Security, permissions, data sovereignty, disaster recovery, continuity… all of these are of paramount importance but how do you maintain control when staff are using so many different devices and methods of access.

Using the Infuse Desktop you can be sure that your business applications and data are secure, accessible from multiple devices and fully flexible to suit your individual business needs.

  • Disaster Recovery built in
  • Accessible on any device
  • Cost effective
  • No long term contracts
  • Future proof your technology
  • Flexible to suit your needs now and in the future
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • UK based support