Windows 10 is bringing adverts to file explorer – and here’s how to turn them off

By April 26, 2017News

If your time online wasn’t already bombarded enough by intrusive ads each time you visit a website or social media page, Microsoft have revealed that they too will be hopping aboard the intrusion train and injecting adverts into their File Explorer tool. So when you’re searching in despair for that file you need for a critical meeting, a handy little advert flogging Tesco’s avocados will be there to save the day and restore peace to your world. Pause.

OK, admittedly the adverts will initially be there to promote Microsoft’s own products, but thereafter the company may well begin to provide ads for other businesses, which some users of the upgraded version of Windows 10 are already experiencing.

Thankfully there is a crafty way to prevent these or any other adverts from infiltrating your File Explorer. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch File Explorer and the click View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  2. In the Folder Options dialog that pops up, select the View
  3. In the Advanced Settings box, scroll down and un-check the option labelled “Show sync provider notifications.” Hit OK.

Whilst the introduction is hardly catastrophic, it is a somewhat unwelcome addition to File Explorer. We suggest you disable the adverts nice and early to prevent any frustrations further down the line.

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